↓ Transcript
6 panels.

Panel 1.
A common bathroom of some sort. There's a sink, a mirror and a towel on the sink. Fausta moves her hands through Nikita's hair.
Fausta: We could still make something out of this hair, you know?
Nikita: Ugh, just do me the usual.

Panel 2:
Fausta starts doing Nikita's hair, with a "SNIP" sound.

Fausta: Does it see?

Panel 3,4:

Fausta: That eye. Does it see?
Nikita: OH? Ah. It's not perfect and it doesn't follow the other, but Maili says I won't be seeing double in a few months.

Panel 5,6:
Nikita's hair is starting to accumulate on the floor.

Fausta: And how are you doing, Captain?