↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1:
Small panel of Nikita staring at the top of the tall buildings and into the night sky. He looks very small by comparison.

Panel 2,3,4,5:
A shot of the street shows several closed stores with propaganda posters. Nikita is acossed by two crows, who shout is name and immediately go for his hair. With one of his other hands, Nikita tries to catch one of the crows and almost hits it, pressing some of its feathers hard against the wall, but the birds get away. Nikita is way too angry at this predicament.

Steffano (off panel): OH.

Panel 6:
Steffano gets Nikita's attention, and he turns back to see him. Nikita is very surprised and embarassed.

Steffano: It is you.

Panel 7:
A tall panel of the night sky in which we see the speech bubbles of the two characters, who are off panel.

Steffano: You look... Different.
Nikita: General's orders.
Steffano: You two are close, hein?
Steffano: I haven't heard from you in weeks, Nikita.
Nikita: Don't you mean since you blew up a bridge with my men on the other side?