Mésano, remember?

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Comics of the Week – Jan 5th

We kick off our Comics of the Week with several selections featured from our Anthro collection. From abandoned races trying to survive in their new environment to wacky adventures in a realm of owls, these fluffy, furry, scaly characters have a story to tell you!

Realm of Owls – Here is a link. It can be clicked. It goes to a site. The site has documentaries about owls. Written by owls. And contain many owls. They also contain interesting things, such as socioeconomics and literal hootery.

Anyway, click the link.

↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1:
Nikita is swinging on one of the polls over the wall, getting dangerously close to falling down to certain death and laughing hysterically. Steffano rushes towards him, concerned.


Panel 2:
Nikita tiptoes over the wall, jumping gleefully.

Nikita: Misha and I DO this all the time at the Mésano border.

Panel 3,4:
Nikita comes to a halt.

Nikita: I guess that's over now...

Panel 5:
A rush of wind raises Nikita's coat as he stares down the tall wall. Some military structures can be seen in the space between the wall and the river.

Panel 6,7:
Nikita looks up and turns back to Steffano, with the large full moon shining behind him.

Nikita: I told you all I wanted were the stars. I was wrong. I know what I want now.