Comics of the Week – Feb 02

There’s more than one way to approach magic and the supernatural! Join our heroes as they work their way through magical messes, supernatural entities, and very real interpersonal strife.

Heirs of the Veil – The young witch Victoria receives a mysterious letter from her vanished mother, calling her to the town of Port Arbores. There she has to face her heritage, a threat that has haunted her family for centuries.

Of Magic and Muses is a comic about magical girls making mistakes and muddling in mysteries with mischievous monsters in a magical horror light show. Updates 4x a week Mon to Thurs.

↓ Transcript
7 panels.

Panel 1,2:
Steffano raises a fist and clenches his teeth. He moves towards Nikita, who takes a step back.

Panel 3:
Steffano grabs Nikita's shirt with his two hands. Around them, we see the shadow of Nikita's other hands.

Nikita: TSH!

Panel 4:
Steffano leans in, kissing Nikita. He's shocked and confused.

Panel 5,6:
They stand there, confused, until Nikita smiles and menacingly grabs one of Steffano's hands, this time with his physical hand.

Nikita: That's settled. You're mine now.

Panel 7:
Another shot at the chopped top of the cathedral because I'm that kind of bitch.