Comics of the Week – Feb 09

Have a sense of adventure? Whether hopping worlds with straight-laced paladins and toaster-talking techs, or characters seeking some sense of glory, these stories will satisfy your craving!

Sombulus is a world-hopping adventure following a magic scavenger, a curious inventor who talks to machines, and a zealous paladin in their ridiculous adventures around the Myriad Worlds, trying to fix the problems they find… and the ones they create. Chapter 3 provides a good sampler arc if you’re new to the story, or start at the beginning of the archive here!

Sombulus is one of the best and funniest webcomics I’ve ever read and I cannot recommend it enough. Sure it’s got an immense archive, but that’s hardly a problem when you’re having fun! And it has pidgeons!

Monster Lands – Monster Lands features a wide cast of characters on their own adventures as they dig deeper and deeper holes for themselves. Can they ever stop digging? Rated Mature for violence and language.

↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1:
Morning. Pepper and Dária are standing in front of the Domus Corvae, wearing their formal uniforms. Dária is moving towards the house, and Pepper has his arms folded, as his usual. Dária's face has two long ash strikes on her from her forehead to her cheeks.

Pepper: Why are we even here, we'll be late for the ceremony!
Dária: Pepper! He has the right to know!
Peper: What difference does that make now?

Panel 2,3:
As they approach the door, Steffano rushes out. He looks annoyed as he finishes puting his gloves on. He walks past Pepper and Dária without looking at them.

Steffano: 'Morning. We're late.
Pepper: YOU'RE the one who's late!!

Panel 4:
A map details the the path the trio takes between the Domus Corvae and the Cavarly Corps.

Panel 5, 6,7:
Dária looks nervously at Pepper. Then she builds up some determination and calls Steffano.

Dária: Hum.. Steffano?