↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1:
Alessadro addresses Franquelim, who sassily leans forward and presses his weight against his walking cane.

Alessandro: You, here? I don't remember you being on this mission.
Frank: Oh, I was a last minute addition.
Alessandro: I did not approve of that.
Frank: Well, the computer did... And I think they want to speak to you.

Panel 2,3:
Frank and Alessandro stare at each other.

Panel 4:
Alessandro walks away towards the central red carpet, making a "TSH!" sound. At the end of the carpet is the pyre, Olivia and a female Augur that looks a lot like Steffano and Alessandro.

Panel 5,6,7:
As Alessndro walks down the carpet holding an olive tree branch, the Augur speaks. Alessandro does not face her, and drops the branch into the pyre.

Xénon: Next time you disagree with one of my suggestions, please let me know so I can improve them, Senior General Alessandro Corvo of Salamanca.