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↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

The shape of the panels is very distorted, as Dária grows more and more distressed with the ceremony, until something catches her attention.

Panel 1:
Close up of Dária's face, in distress.

Panel 2:
A shot of a family, possibly Timóteo's.

Panel 3,4:
Alessandro is addressing Nikita. He puts a hand on the Captain's shoulder, who looks confused.

Alessandro: Congratulations... Major Kirchhoff.

Panel 5:
Alessandro walks away, leaving Nikita with a shocked and empty expression. Dária notices this.

Alessandro (off panel): Glory only comes through sacrifice...

Panel 6,7:
Nikita, alone, grabbing tighter to the blue book he's carrying. The book has an orange ribbon around it, with Mikhail's name. His other hands grab the book with enough force to make it wrinkle.