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↓ Transcript
7 Panels

Panel 1, 2:
Nikita leans against a large collumn, desolate.

Aurik (off panel): Don't toss it. You deserved that.

Panel 3:
Nikita looks at the medal in his hand as Aurik approaches slowly.

Nikita: You deserve it far more than I do. I would have died that night if it weren't for you.

Panel 3,4:
A shot of one of the Cathedral's small windows, with the light coming in and illuminating the dust. The light makes the yellowish rocks of the Cathedral almost shiny.

Nikita: How does one go on after being so ready to die?
Aurik (off panel): Then was then. Now is now.

Panel 5,6:
Aurik makes for his pocket and pulls a cigar.

Aurik: I got you something. The Augur was giving these away outside. Figured you'd need it more than me.