Sit down, let’s have a chit-chat.

↓ Transcript

4 Panels.

Panel 1:
A view of one of the morgue's room. The bright golden sunset colors are coming in from the many tall windows. There is a row of beds to the right, and furniture holding glasses of many shapes and sizes. Ângela is on the forefront, wearing black and a green plastic appron that reads INSTITUTO DE MEDICINA LEGAL. She's wearing a mask and glasses and holds a pair of scizors.

Panel 2:
A water container and some medical instruments, with a little blood on them.

Ângela (off panel): I like him. I do!

Panel 3:
Ângela is sewing the chest of a dead body back together. The body's face is covered with a red mask, with a big blue cross on it.

Ângela: He's nice to me. That's what you want, right?

Panel 4:
Ângela stands correctly, looking away from the body. She's alone in the room.

Ângela: A man who's nice to you?