↓ Transcript
7 Panels

Panel 1:
The Foreigner, running, side crashes against Filipa's truck. She's very startled by this.

Panel 2:
Filipa, who is very startled as I mentioned before.

Filipa: THE FUCK!?

Panel 3:
Eurico is standing on the top of the stairs, looking down very menacingly. Over him, the text HAND HIM OVER.

Panel 4:
Filipa looks at Eurico and sweats.

Filipa: Inspector Fearless..

Panel 5:
A shot of Eurico's face, who she clearly recognizes.

Panel 6:
She looks away, sweating more.

Filipa: I'm fucked.

Panel 7:
Eurico sprints down the stairs as Filipa turns on the engine and lights.

Filipa (emphasis): I'M ON IT!