This page as good as any to declare that hey it’s march and thus I may want to draw some shipping art and I’ll be taking suggestions! Just drop a character’s name in the comment box and I’ll draw the two with more mentions together.

If it flops it never happened!!

↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1,2,3:
Filipa looks at Ângela.

Filipa: And you believe this?
Ângela nods.
Filipa: What do you know of the Atégina Mission?
Ângela: Only what my- What Inspector Eurico told me.
Filipa: The thing we found... It was alive. It screamed, Ângela. It screamed inside our heads. That thing is the Devil.

Panel 4:
The Foreigner pokes at the bullet holes in the wall behind him. Light comes off of them.

Miguel: I was just trying to reach out. I'm sorry if I was a little rough on you. I know now that you prefer verbal communication.

Panel 5:
Filipa takes a decisive step, the Foreigner looks at her.