Oh Eurico-kun, what’s that? Things haven’t gone according to Keikaku??

Are you experience perhaps some form of aftershock… After… The Shock…. Of seeing the angel?

And uh I guess yeah I guess a bunch of desluso also tried to choke you to death yeah there’s that uhhh… Not standard procedure.

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↓ Transcript
3 Panels.

Panel 1: Eurico goes through the folder and takes out a file. He moves it towards the Bishop, who is sitting in the next row.

Eurico: I'd even go as far as to say it only started manifesting the concept after Ângela refered to him as "Miguel" and "Angel". I schemized my understanding of its pattern overnight.

Panel 2: Eurico hands the file to the Bishop, while the Professor looks at the bandages on his fingertips.

Panel 3: The Professor addresses Eurico, who looks at his hand slightly surprised with the intervention.

The Professor: What happened to your hands, Inspector? Shouldn't you be the one doing the nail plucking?
Eurico: ? The interrogation was not... The usual straightforward procedure.

Panel 4: Eurico lets one of his hands rest against his neck, looking away. He stares at his hand, seeing the illusion of a cross stabing through it.

Eurico: Though you've taught me knowing pain will make me better at inflicting it in the future.