Meditans really do be wearing a lot of layers huh

(illustrative example from 4 years ago)

↓ Transcript
4 Panels

Panel 1:
Mikhail's belongings are spread on the grass under the electrical tower. Ângela gestures towards them as she explains the situation to the Foreigner. Among the belongings we see a couple of bloody microwave guns.

Ângela: We usually dress the dead guys - not that I'm saying you're a dead guy - we usually dress the deslusos with the outfits they bring when they're registered. And uh, all of this was on you. On your CARCASS.

Panel 2:
Ângela looks at the clothes she's holding as she continues, and the Foreigner reaches for the pants.

Ângela (cont): I can help you GET DRESSED if you ne-

Panel 3:
As the Foreigner puts on the pants without any difficulty, Ângela stares at Mikhail's shirt.

Ângela: Oh. Guess not.

Panel 4:
Closeup of Mikhail's lorica shirt, with the name KIRCHHOFF on it and the electrical insignia.

Ângela: Q- Quirch? Quishofe?