Guess who’s back!! ⭐ ⭐

Aaah, it’s been such a long time for me! I will have you know that in 2022, I produced a grand total of 9 O Sarilho pages… Which is my lowest record, ever. It was just a bad year for art and, I suppose, for everything else. But things have been taking a turn for the better for a while now, and just as the new year arrived, comics were being made. Ain’t that neat?

So, while you’ve seen updates on this comic until early October, I feel like I’m returning not after a 3-month hiatus, but after a whole year of no comic. And I’m very glad to be back. And I really want you to see that (by making you read a lot of comic).
I will be starting a little slower this time (one update a week) until I get my pacing back, and hopefully we will be back to 2 updates a week sooner than later. Just give me some time to take the rust off my arms, and the dust out of this poor website (I won’t tell you about what horrible problems it’s been giving me).

Meanwhile, some things have changed. I now have a personal Mastodon account for my rambles (very similar to my twitter), one for O Sarilho (similar to @O_Sarilho) and a little bot that shares one panel of O Sarilho each day! I’m not saying I’ll stop using my twitter account because lord knows I’m addicted to nastiness, but I’ve been having a really cool time at the fediverse and it might be the thing for you too /apologist.

I’ll also plug in my discord server again, because it’s always nice to chill and the vibes there are immaculate (˵ •̀ ᴗ – ˵ ) ✧

↓ Transcript
The panel cover the entire page. Manel is flipping through a notebook with some news pieces glued to it. The first one reads "THE INJUST STRIKES AGAIN - PILLAGE IN PARADELA", featuring a silhouette against a column of fire. The second one features a meditan in full uniform, holding a microwave gun.

Manel: I think I saw you on the news, captain. We survive, here in Lusitania. I know the war has started. Trying to stay close to the thing we found on the woods, so I haven't been around it yet. But hey, maybe we'll see each other? And what is taking MAI so long?