↓ Transcript
The page is comprised of a single panel, filled with many different photographs.

An ID card can be seen to the right, with Manel's face on it and a Lusitanian stamp.

The photos depict what is apparently the disassembly of a huge machine, with several parts being shown to groups of students. We can see the insides of the machine, which look at least partially organic. One of the picture is three different arms, laid down next to each other, one of which is completely torn open, the other is being inspected and the third is still intact. People look very small next to them.

Finally, behind the photos, are some schematics with drawings of the Foreigner's mechanical body.

The text continues from the previous page:
Manel: Zap, I hope you don't forget to pay me for the last two years. Gathering a lot of intel here, ok? I've never been undercover for this long... I wonder how it'll play out.