↓ Transcript
Five panels.

In the first one, Captain Nikita Kirchhoff holds his helmet under his arm, looking back,
Nikita: Connect the Augur. The Nocvic too.

Panel 2:
The soldier standing on the rock has a computer-like machine in front of him, which displays some information similar to an internet connection. The machine has a screen, several buttons and wires plugged in, and the words "RÉGULA II COMCATA" can be read on it. It's also covered in stickers of different colors.
Mikhail: We are online!

Panels 3, 4, 5:
A bunch of wires go from the machine Mikhail is fiddling with until they reach the feet of another figure, who is sitting on a chair placed over a white carpet. On the chair, the words "AUGURI" can be parsed.