↓ Transcript
5 panels.

Panel 1
Nikita turns back, Nocvic on his hands, sweating nervously.

Nikita: Do you believe a collision caused the satellite to crash?

Panel 2:
Frank!Árgon holds his chin with a red-gloved hand.

Frank!Árgon: Certainly, but... These debris don't match any known designs in my archives.

Panel 3:
Frank!Árgon holds his face with both hands. His nose is bleeding.

Frank!Árgon: Hold on... Hold on... ...No matches found on [bold] Xénons [/blold] archives either. Interesting...

Panel 4:
Dária and the Maili (the Doctor, still with her helmet on), looking confused and slightly distressed.

Dária: Your Honour, you [bold] don't know [/bold] what that is?
Maili: H-how so?

Panel 5
Closeup of Nikita, slightly shocked.