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Rollcall Number 2.

Angela, the Sinister - Runaway Mortician
Turns out she didn't plan for this AT ALL and it might have been a bad idea and there might be a little regret in the horizon.

Filipa, the Melancholic - Babysitter of two
How did you get into this? Really? One minute you're thinking "this country's fucked up" and in the next you're helping a walking miracle.

Eurico, the Fearless - Torture Technician
Case too personal? No problem. Sometimes you just really have to control every decision the women in your life make.

Estanislau, the Fancy - Heartbroken
His girlfriend traded him for a corpse, give him a break.

The Bishop - Secretly an Extractor
No Angel is gonna crash on my country without me knowing about it. All miracles must happen under my supervision exclusively.

Nikita Kirchhoff - Meditan Army Major
Set on fire everything that can burn.

Miguel, the Foreigner - Recovering Corpse
A little angel trying to literally change the universe.