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Eurico, the Fearless
Law School | PDL Inspector
His job is to make people talk by playing the portuguese guitar and singing horribly. Oh, and by breaking their minds. Never forgets a soul. Married to his Maria, with whom he has two young kids. Reserved, resolute and sharp.

Ângela, the Sinister
Med School | Mortician
A shy and introverted mortician who'd rather talk to the dead than to the living. Estanislau's now ex-girlfriend, on the run from the police for helping a corpse.

Estanislau, the Fancy
Law School | PDL Inspector
Estanis for his bros, Lauzo for the ladies. The older of the Fancy brothers. A catholic. Eurico's classmate and current inspecting partner. Wearer of blue shoes. Guitar player looking for a vocalist for his band.

The Foreigner
Recovering Corpse
Imagine crashing inside a human body, being frozen for a couple of years, stabbed and when you finally figure out how to speak, you can only speak in meditan spanish. That's rough, buddy. 5<6.

Filipa, the Melancholic
Engineering School | Soldier
In her short break from the battlefield, this girl managed not only to upset her parents regarding a possibly missing sibling, but also unwillingly displaying such concerns to people related to the PDL, and helping fugitives. Oops.

Maurício, the Fancy
Engineering School | Soldier
The younger of the Fancy brothers. Summoned to Academia to reassert his testimony on the events of the Atégina Mission. Never seen without his friend and brother-in-law Manel.

Manel, the Canny
Engineering School | Soldier
Maurício and Estanislau's brother-in-law. Reader of newspapers and your classmate in Physics 101. You remember him, right? He even borrowed your study materials once.

The Bishop
Diocese of Coimbra
The local Bishop. Good thing he lives nearby. Confused and intrigued with the Foreigner affair, who he believes to be a supernatural entity.

Professor Eduardo Moniz
Law School | Ties with the PDL
Unmatched skill for Extraction. Many of his students end up in the PDL, with which he has close ties and possibly the reason he's going over the Atégina Mission case. Everything he does is for the sake of the nation because of course it is.

Professor Urtiga
Med School | Doctor
Much unafraid of the thought-police, it seems. Sees through the nice words and propaganda spread by the government and doesn't trust Professor Moniz's motives.