↓ Transcript
6 panels.

Panel 1:

Franquelim: Oh yeah! I was part of the telecommunications team on several expeditions on Lusitanian soil. Not among my favourite experiences, no...

Panel 2:
Franquelim tosses the cigar butt away as he continues.

Frank: But that was before we signed the Peace Treaty, of course! Now there's something I'll thank the Efficientsts for any day.

Panel 3:
The background behind Frank is dark, with indisctinct figures looming behind him as he seems to talk from experience.

Frank: The Lusitanians... They are desperate and have no dignity; everything is fair game for them.

Panel 4:
Close up of Dária and Pepper, who are listening in and are now kinda nervous over the sketchy topic.

Frank (off panel): Dead bodies, stolen weaponry, oil from Xénon knows where...

Panel 5, 6:
Franquelim steps over the cigar butt he just tossed.

Frank: It's a miracle they conceeded to the Peace Treaty, honestly.