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6 Panels

Panel 1:
The shadowy figure is revealed to be Fausta, another soldier. She's holding an electric rifle and looks angry.

Fausta: What's going on here? You two should be back at the camp!

Panel 2, 3:
Dária stands to attention in a mocking fashion, while Pepper just looks... Tired.

Dária: OoooOOOO Fausta!! Gud Nite!
Pepper (sighs): I told you.
Dária: We were just 'considering' covering up this car so we'd scare Timóteo when he comes by!

Panel 4:
Dária being all detective-y, with her hand on her chin and pointing at Fausta.

Dária: Wait a sec. Timóteo should be the one patrolling, not you!

Panel 5, 6
Fausta nervously looks away and she no longer feels anywear near threatening.

Fausta: I'm just giving him a hand.
Pepper: Captain doesn't like it when you overwork,
Dária: You rat us out and he'll know you've been working OVERTIME again!