↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Bright blue, as the Augur is connected to the God machine. Franquelim's body is bleeding and shaking. The computer's words are broken and spread around the panel.

Frank!Árgon: One of the debris - Ea-RTH, NO - NO...t... Actually, if I man...Man-nage. In the Arch-ch-ive... INFORM.

Panel 2:
Closeup of the information on the COMCATA screen. It states the connection to Árgon has lasted for 15:13 minutes and the condition is critical.

Mikhail: Nikita, we gon have to cut the link, we're past 15 minutes!

Panel 3:
Nikita shuts Mikhail up by raising a fist.

Nikita: Not yet.
Mikhail, very tiny in the background and holding a keyboard: NIKITA?

Panel 4:
Nikita looking very serious towards the Augur.

Nikita: If this didn't come from Earth... WHERE did it come from?