↓ Transcript
6 panels.

Panel 1:
The panel is shaking and Frank's condition seems worse. He's bleeding from eyes, mouth, nose and ears and looks like he's actively glitching.

Frank!Árgon: OLD... US... ALIE..

Panel 2:
Mikhail severs the connection by taking off the cables.

Mikhail: I'm turning off the comcata!

Panel 3, 4:
Frank goes from shining with the connection and shaking violentely to falling on his chair, panting and tired. The eerie glow is gone.

Panel 4:
Franquelim coughs. Mikhail collects the cables around him and Maili runs towards the Augur.

Maili: Let me get you a coffee, sir!

Panel 5:
Mikhail is collecting the cables looking upset, and Nikita stares at him.