↓ Transcript
3 Panels.

Panel 1:
The picture looks noisy, with highly saturated colors. The characters are painted in blue, and the background in orange. They all have their helmets on and we can't see their expressions. Mikhail is standing in the middle, and his hue is midways from blue and orange. Behind him, Pepper is gesturing towards Dária for her to shut up. Dária doesn't seem to notice and continues talking.

Panel 2:
Dária is holding a microwave gun in one hand and a piece of debris in another.

Dária (cont): ...In the army I am just another nobody, facing the same challenges everyone does!

Panel 3:
Mikhail interrupts her, a foot over the debris as to cover the distance between him and Dária. He points a finger at her, because he apparently loves pointing at people. Dária is surprised!