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4 Panels

Panel 1:
Pepper moves from the left to the right of the panel, trying to calm the other two down. Mikhail is in the middle, and even though he has his helmet covering his face, he's clearly pissed off.

Pepper: Guys, come on-
Mikhail: You think you're here because of your TALENT?
Pepper: This is not the time... Quiet...

Panel 2,3:
Dária is shocked and on the defensive.

Dária: I carry the WEIGHT of my House with every step I take! All the decisions about my life hare made by somebody else! I too have had my choices stolen from m-
Mikhail (off panel): OOOH, DON'T!

Panel 4:
Mikhail pierces her chest with an accusatory finger, and she flinches.

Mikhail: NO, NO, NO! Don't you DARE spit that shit at me!