↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

The firs two panels are organized in a column. The second one is large and breaks from the canvas, taking over the entire web page. The last panel stands on the bottom right.

Panel 1:
A giant mechanical hand lands near Aurik with an audible "TOMP!". Aurik takes a few steps back.

Panel 2:
Jacinto is trying to sedate Fausta, who is struggling. The speech bubbles coming from her are black and in a different font, where the letters take different sizes and shapes.

Foreigner!Fausta: Contact. Conflict between want to share gneetic information and self-preservation.

Panel 3:
The machine changes into a vaguely humanoid shape, standing enourmous over the trees. It has six big eyes and six angular antles.

Foreigner!Fausta (cont): Two figures. Bleating sheep. No communication. Void. Sound? Porcelain breaking.

Panel 3:
Jacinto holding Fausta again, who seems to be completely out of it, glossy-eyed.

Foreigner!Fausta (cont): Mission. Duty. Soldier. Good. Sufficient Conditions. Wish: incompatible. Signal: Agony. Smoke and Death. Signal: Suffering.