↓ Transcript
5 panels.

4 panels take the corners of the page. A massive panel stands behind all of them, covering the entire web page. On it, the Foreigner takes a different shape and it's completely black, with the bright eyes being the only thing visible on its 'face'. The sky is red in sharp constrast. The shape of the Foreigner glitches.

Panel 1:
Aurik, holding a rifle, but otherwise pointing it in the Foreigner's direction.

Foreigner: Signal: apprehension. The barrier that blocks the flame. Unnoticeable.

Panel 2:
Timóteo and one of his dogs, both cowering and looking scared.

Foreigner: Signal: confusion. Sun touches the mountain. Signal [unknown]: tree? Pine. Sound: bark. Unconditional. Loyal. Fundamental.

Panel 3:
Victória, holding a knife in one hand and an explosive in the other.

Foreigner: Signal: curiosity. Crumbling ravine. Power. Sublimation. Signal with unknown format: phosphorous.

Panel 4:
Jacinto holding Fausta. Fausta is the one speaking, although she looks unconscious.

Foreigner: Shift between states. Science, labeling. Descriptions. Signal: horror.