Can’t believe Jacinto was headshot TWICE in this comic

↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Mikhail moves the Foreigner's giant hand by conjuring several other hads. The big hand covers him and Fausta.

Panel 2:
Three deslusos, one of which is Jacinto's body, try to climb the Foreigner's hand. A microwave shot interrupts the scene with a "CHAUM" sound, knocking down one of the deslusos.

Panel 3:
Mikhail, cornered behind the giant hand, sees Jacinto and the other desluso trying to climb the hand. He tentatively points his gun at them, but he's shaking.

Panel 4:
Jacinto gets headshot, again.

Panel 5, 6:
Mikhail and Maurício notice the microwave shots coming from afar.