Did you know?

A lusitanian can only control a number of deslusos! As such, meditas can roughly estimate how many enemies they have on the field based on the number of puppets. This also explain why there isn’t an overpowering number of living-dead puppets looming over the meditas, I presume.

The deslusos aren’t really autonomous, no.

↓ Transcript

4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Pfeiffer and Timóteo, hidding behind a rock. Pepper is on the lookout, while Timóteo is cowering and scared.

Timóteo (emphasis, shakingly): I guess Aurik did not find their commander... And the more we blast, the more show up!! Does this never hand?
Pepper: The rate has dropped, maybe they're preparing a new batch.

Panel 2:
Pepper quickly comes from behind the rock to shoot an approaching desluso.

Timóteo (off panel): Do you think Aurik is d-

Panel 3:
An exhasperated Pepper interrupts Timóteo.

Pepper: I don't know Timóteo, I DON'T KNOW!

Panel 4:
The two of them are interrupted as Nikita slides into the scene.

Both (off panel): CAPTAIN!?