↓ Transcript
6 panels.

Panel 1,2:
Victória jumps from the woods into the top of one of the boxes dragged by the tractor.

Eurico (off panel): Come on, Victória.

Panel 3,4:
Márcia shoots at Victória, who dogdes and almost falls off the container, and grabs its door at the last minute. The container spots the words TRANSPORTE DE ANIMAIS VIVOS, with the VIVOS scratched off in red paint and replaced with MORTOS, followed by a number of red crosses.

Eurico (off panel, cont): Why the Hell did you think we wouldn't hear your thoughts?

Panel 5,6:
The container's door opens, revealing a bunch of deslusos. Victória jumps off and grabs a remote.

Victória: SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!! OH no, no fucking way! Not tonight!