↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1,2,3:
Shizuka's office. It has more stuff around it than the previous time it appeared. Shizuka was sitting on a chair near the window, but she's startled up by Nikita's blue box, which crosses the room in a rapid fashion with a "SWOOP!" and lands on her desk with a loud "THUD!".

Nikita: Is this important?

Panel 4:
Shizuka fiddles through the box's contents. She looks at one paper, which has incomprehensible scribbles on it.

Shizuka: The possibility of an international conflict does not change my deliveries schedule. My, ya brother's writing is awful.

Panel 5:
Top view of the office. There are two monitors on Shizuka's desk and a Comcata in another chair. Cables all over the floor. A printer is continuously discharging paper, noisily.

Shizuka (cont): He was always a slow reader, but I did not take him for an... ARTISTIC writer. Do you know anyone who can translate these for me?
Nikita: No.

Panel 6:
Black background and Shizuka looking at the papers, her expression a mystery.

Shizuka: Oh... Guess I'll be needing a new electrician, then.