↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Shizuka wipes a tear from her eye, with her back to Nikita so that he doesn't see her emote. Nikita addresses her.

Nikita: I need to make a phone call. Mezzaferro.

Panel 2,3:
Shizuka puts her reg Augur gloves on. On her desk we see one of the computer monitors and a pile of coffee mugs, next to Mikhail's blue box full of papers.

Shizuka: It's gonna be hard to get a General on the line.
Nikita: Tell them it's Captain Kirchhoff calling.
Shizuka: Didn't know your name could open doors now! Lemme see what I can find ya...

Panel 4,5, 6:
Nikita looks at the printer. It continuously and loudly prints more papers, which are flooding the room.

Nikita: Where are my men, Shizuka?
Shizuka: Nikita, you were dismissed for ten minutes and your team has already been disassembled. Not a good omen, in my professional opinion.
Nikita: Find them. And get me all documents you can on the mission.