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A tall page, in which the dialog zigzags the pictures of the different soldiers being mentioned. All the pictures look official, as if lifted from their official files.

The page describes what has happened to the different soldiers in the meanwhile.

Shizuka: You, Franquelim and Luz are on medical leave...
Nikita: I don't remember what happened to Luz, is she alright?
Shizuka: It says here she's living to fight another day, it just won't be any time soon.

Row 1:
Pastore, F. 15 days medical leave. No computer Access Allowed.
De la Luz, V. 12 months medical leave. Leg injury. Several third degree burns.
Kirchhoff, N. 3 months medical leave. Broken arm. Concussion. Other minor injuries.

Shizuka: Moving on, Ramirez, Vásquez and Mikhail, officially missing in action.
Nikita: My brother is not missing.

Row 2:
Missing in action: Ramirez, M., Vásquez, T., Kirchhoff, M.

Shizuka: Ohh, someone needs to update these files, then. So, Aiza and Mikhail are, uh...
Nikita: Deceased.
Shizuka: ...Yes.

Row 3:
Deceased: Aiza, J., Kirchhoff, M.

Shizuka (cont): All loaned troopes are expected to return to their respective regiments and or corps. And all the others are up to their normal duties here in Régula.

Row 4
Blumental, F.: Infantry Regiment of Leonne
Kali, D.: Barcelona Cavalry Corps
Corvo, S.: Salamanca Cavalry Corps
Müller, P: Infantry Regiment of Madrid
Grillo, D.: Infantry Regiment of Madrid