↓ Transcript
6 Panels

Panel 1:
Nikita is tieing his necktie, holding it with one physical hand and one of his other hands. Fausta is fiddling with the towel, over the sink.

Nikita: Do I count on you?
Fausta: Is that an order?
Nikita: It's a plea.

Panel 2, 3:
Fausta raises a fist to her chest, smiling softly, as Nikita makes it to the door.

Fausta: Of course. You can always count on me.
Nikita: Thank you. I'll see you, then,

Panel 4,5:
Fausta is left alone in the room, and the voice of the Foreigner creeps in. A long dark string makes it through the room and around her, saying "THAT DOLL IS BROKEN AND SO ARE YOU."

Fausta: These thoughts...

Panel 6:
A crow flies between the yellow buildings of Salamanca, against the dark starry sky.

Fausta (off panel, cont): Are not mine!