↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1:
A short, tall panel of Fausta blinking.

Panel 2:
Nikita is sitting on the bench, looking at Fausta without his eyepatch. We see a partially bloodshot eye. Fausta sweats.

Fausta: You haven't been taking your medicine.
Nikita: Aren't you sharp?

Panel 3:
From Nikita's point of view, we see his hands. The left one is partially involved in a cast. The vision is partially blured.

Nikita: Medication ties up my hands.

Panel 4:
Fausta aggresively pull his hair as she trims it down, with a pleased expression. Nikita mumbles.

Fausta: I could swear it was because you think you deserve to be in pain.
Nikita (emphasis): BE GENTLE WITH THE STICHES!!
Fausta: Ahah, Misha never-

Panel 5:
Cold-colored tall panel, as the mood changes abruptly.

Nikita: Let's not talk about him.

Panel 6,7:
Nikita's recollection of the nightmare where he saw Mikhail turning into the Foreigner, with the Foreigner's six eyes protuding through his face in a glitchy fashion.

Fausta: Are you afraid you may have to face him again?