↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Eurico is sitting on the corridor. Estanislau is standing while the Professor is looking outside the window.

Professor: Could it be that the purpose of this mission was t send this creature to infiltrate our country, inspector?
Eurico: I don't think the meditans had the time or the finesse to plant a spy in the debris' area, Professor. The ones I met were much more more concerned with making it out of there alive.
Estanis: Unless the meditans were there to rescue it?

Panel 2,3:
Eurico covers his face with both hands. Estanis folds his arms.

Eurico: Meditans do not launch rockets.
Estanis: And how do you know that, do you live there?

Panel 4:
Professor: And you say it tried extraction on you?

Panel 5,6:
Eurico sweats and looks away, seemingly very tired.