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4 Panels.

Panel 1:
The door, from the other side.

Ângela (off panel): Just go watch over the dead dude, Ângela, I'm sure it'll be fine! Oh, don't mind my obvious post-extraction mental distress! Surely the dead thinking inhuman thing can't hurt you! HHHHHHHHH... Typical Godfather leaving everything for me to clean up!

Panel 2,3:
Ângela puts her latex gloves on, and goes through the courtains into the morgue.

Ângela (cont): "It's good practice!" Like I even want practice. I don't want to be an extractor. I don't want to join the fucking thought-police. Why can't he stop pestering me about it?

Panel 4:
She stops. The Foreigner!Mikhail is standing in the other side of the room, mask on his face, completely naked.

Ângela: Oh. You're naked.