Yeah Angela, sure, I bet working at the morgue is not the best place to have cheery conversations with the ‘clients’…

Also, that third panel was really fun to make.

↓ Transcript
6 panels.

Panel 1:
A seagull sits on the roof of a leaf-covered house. The sun is high and bright.

Panel 2:
A pair of tweezers holding a glass covered in blood.

Ângela (off panel): I'm not used to dead bodies talking back to me, Miguel. My name is Ângela, by the way.

Panel 3:
Ângela is cleaning a needle with some liquid. Miguel is sitting on one of the many beds in the morgue, looking around with interest.

Ângela: Oh, so is immitation boring you now? Can you even say something original?
Miguel (thinking): Communication?
Ângela: Yes, but with words. with sooounnnnds.

Panel 4:
She sits next to Miguel and points at her mouth. Miguel immitates her movement.

Panel 5,6:
Ângela picks one of Miguel's feet and takes a look at it. The wound on it has healed.

Ângela: Huh, your wound is... Gone?