Week of February 1-7

Adventure Awaits

Whether making music through a murder mystery, trying to fit into a different culture, or hopping worlds, these comics share a love of adventure. Do you? Check these titles out to scratch that adventurous itch!

Court of Roses

Court of Roses – A fantasy LGBTQ-friendly fantasy tale following a ragtag troupe of bards formed by their mutual friend, a charismatic–if often drunk–bagpiper, Merlow the Rose, and who knows, mayhaps they’ll solve a murder mystery together! Updates Mondays and Thursdays!
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Sombulus – Sombulus is about a flippant magic scavenger and two friends he accidentally took along for the ride: a cute tinkerer with the curious ability to talk to machines and a zealous paladin on a quest to defeat him. Follow their surreal magic adventures in worlds of flying toasters and exploding castles!
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Of Conquests and Consequences

Of Conquests and Consequences – A coming of age comic with a healthy dose of culture shock mixed in.

↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Two woman walk side by side. One of them is carrying a bucket full of tomatos, while the other one is walking with the aid of two canes.

The older: Ahh! Thank God you were here to help us this week, Filipa! We don't have enough hands for all this work. You should get breaks more often.

Panel 2:
They enter a dusty garage, filled with clutter.

The older: One week each semester doesn't amount to much.
Filipa: Someone's gotta keep those meditans in line, mom!

Panel 3:
Filipa throws a ring of keys in the air and catches it. Her mother is smiling.

Filipa: You don't want them to steal your delicious tomatoes!

Panel 4,5,6:
Filipa goes to a corner and attaches an old metalic leg.