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Week of February 14-20

You Got Schooled

The schools these students are in are anything but typical! Magical mysteries or training for a mage’s war, this week’s offerings give a new meaning to the phrase “you got schooled!”

XII: Of Magic and Muses

XII: Of Magic and Muses – Willow, Georgia and Emma have accidentally wrapped both Tillie and Aaron into their magical girl shenanigans much to their chagrin. However, things seem to be getting even harder to keep quiet as these magical powers have turned from intriguing to infectious. Between daylight daydreams, tanking a track star, bathroom breakdowns and betrayal from within – our quarreling quintet might be in bigger trouble then they ever thought possible.
[XII: Of Magic and Muses Webtoon Mirror]


Magefront – is about Amarantha Steppenhaus, a necromancer with big dreams about becoming a famous battlemage.

↓ Transcript
4 Panels

Each panel shows a different part of Filipa's journey, as she goes from her house in the countryside to the city in her tractor.

Panel 1:
The river takes most of the scenery, with some boats on it sporting huge sails.

Panel 2:
Filipa rides her truck through a forest road.

Panel 3:
The city, with a lot of light colored houses, people on the streets and sales spots. The houses cast big shadows. The tractor goes up a rather steep road.

Panel 4:
Filipa leaves the tractor and goes into a building with a sign saying FERRAGENS HENRIQUE.