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4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Estanislau is standing in the middle of the morgue room, with his two arms up. Mask on. One hand is holding the big pair of pliers. Eurico is on the foreground, holding the guitar and looking mildly annoyed at him. Theroom is very brightly lit with golden sunset colors.

Estanis: I have a proposition for you, FEARLESS: have you ever considered becoming a MIME?
Eurico: Why don't you find us a new singer, then! It's been two years.
Estanis: Oh, and where am I gonna find a voice like Victor's, hein?
Eurico: I need to sing the songs of my people, Fancy.

Panel 2:
Estanis the Fancy looks at the ceiling with a dreamy expression behind his googly-eyed devil mask. Behind him, he recalls Eurico, Victor and Estanis are sitting on a bar table while Victor violently chop's a guy's finger off.

Estanis: Aaah! Remember that time he chopped off that Antunes guy's finger? Good times, good times.
Eurico (off panel): If he already has the right number of fingers why don't you hire him?

Panel 3:
Estanis crosses the room to pick a CD from a CD recorder that's been sitting by the window.

Estanis: What ever happened to him?
Eurico: Changed schools.
Estanis: Huh. I'm not surprised.
Eurico: Fancy...

Panel 4:
Estanis is holding a CD on his finger.

Eurico (cont): Ângela seemed less nebulous today. How is she doing?