↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
Eurico and Estanis stand on each side of the Foreigner and look down on him. Estanis is concerned and moves the drill away.

Estanis: What do you mean, you think it is... Atypical? Oh my God, Fearless, I'm not gonna hurt an atypical person!

Panel 2:
Eurico dismisses Estanis' concerns with a handwave.

Eurico: That's not it. This creature isn't human, of that I am sure.

Panel 3:
A vision of the Foreigner's mental pattern, with the five antlers protuding from it. Eurico's hands on the sides of the head, as if they are unweaving a string.

Panel 4:
Eurico stares at the scene, attentively.

Panel 5:
The Foreigner is shaking, with his mask still on.

Eurico (off panel): Or at least, not anymore.