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↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
A horde of deslusos grab Estanislau. He almost loses his balance and he's totally confused with his new predicament.

Deslusos: I'M SORRY!
Estanislau: Wha-!?
Deslusos: I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY!

Panel 2:
Estanislau reaches for a hammer.

Panel 3:
Estanislau hammers the head of one of the deslusos, while two more try to hold him down.

Deslusos: Lauzo, I'm sorr- I'm SORRY, LAUZO!

Panel 4:
Estanislau rushes and opens the curtains. Behind them, more deslusos, two of which are trying to choke Eurico against the wall. A couple more exit the room with his cape and mask.

Estanislau: EURICO!
Deslusos: I'm sorry, Lauzo!

Panel 5:
Eurico is totally losing the battle against the two lusos chocking him, as he scratched his nails off trying to move their arms from his neck.