↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Eurico bends forwards and holds his chest, as if he's been hit by something.

Panel 2:
The students bend forward as well. They're confusingly and painfully helping each other get up from the shock.

Student 1: Did the PDL just shoot at us?!
Student 2: Was I shot?

Panel 3:
Eurico looks at his hand. He has not been shot.

Student 3 (off panel): I felt it too!

Panel 3:
Maurício turns back to a hunched over Manel.

Maurício: Are you ok, mate?
Manel: Aww Fuck, that shit HURTED.

Panel 4:
Eurico grins.

Panel 5:
The silhouetes of Eurico, Ângela and the Foreigner. Eurico is still holding his chest, as the Foreigner falls on the floor with a halo around him. Ângela is also hunched over, holding her chest. In the background, silhouetes of confused students.

Eurico: So it's got a sense of humor, hein?