Some heroes wear (student) capes:

↓ Transcript
6 Panels

Panel 1:
The Foreigner, dark against a very bright red background. He doesn't move, as if Eurico's last move has somewhat surprised him.

Panel 2:
Eurico smiles, confidently.

Eurico: Come at me, monster.

Panel 3:
Some reaches for a rock.

Panel 4:
Panel throws a rock at Eurico's back, who flinches very hard.

Manel: HEY! Don't hurt the ANGEL, dickhead!

Panel 5:
Eurico turns back, completely aghast. Behind him, there's a tiny crowd of students.

Eurico: WHO DID THAT!?
Student: He's right, stop hurting the angel!

Panel 6:
The crowd surrounds Eurico, grabbing his clothes and the hand he's holding the gun with. They're all talking at the same time. The Foreigner bends down to grab Ângela, who is seemingly uncounscious.

Student: Don't shoot him!
Student: Can't you feel it? CAN'T YOU?
Eurico: GET OFF OF ME!!
Student: Stop hurting the angel, asshole!