SpiderForest’s Comics of Week | November 29-December 05

Fantasy and Mystery

Traveling bards, exiled princes and the mysteries that drive their travels through the fantasy landscapes.

Tamuran is about a cursed kingdom and those racing to save it. An exiled prince, a shapeshifting court lady, a wild elf searching for his family, and a curiously academic beast must carry a message across the wilds before an ancient enemy fulfills a 900-year-old plot for revenge.
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Court of Roses
Court of Roses – An LGBTQ-friendly fantasy tale following a ragtag troupe of bards formed by their mutual friend, a charismatic–if often drunk–bagpiper, Merlow the Rose, and who knows, mayhaps they’ll solve a murder mystery together! Updates Mondays and Thursdays!
[Court of Roses Webtoon Mirror]

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1 takes the entire page, the other 3 overlay it on the right side of the page. The shore, as the sea hits the sand loudly. There's a full moon heading towards the horizon, and some clouds. Here and there, the lights of boats in the ocean.

Panel 2:
Ângela, sleeping on the back of Filipa's tractor, with Eurico's cape and mask on.

Panel 3:
She wakes up, startled. Her hands are tied.

Panel 4:
She lifts the mask off her face and looks outside.