↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Filipa is squating, a little far away from the tractor. She's got a brick-colored devil mask on her face, and is carrying a shotgun. In front of her, a box full of meditan stuff is opened. Miguel is standing next to the tractor, and looks in the surprised Ângela's direction.

Filipa: Oh, so you're finally awake.
Ângela: ...W-who are you?
Filipa: I ask the questions here, ok? That desluso -

Panel 2:
Filipa gets up. Her dark cape and long hair float with the night wind.

Filipa (cont): Don't even dare use it for something stupid or I'll render it useless.

Panel 3,4:

Filipa (cont): Boom! Headshot.
Ângela: He's not-
Filipa: Get out of the truck. We're going for a walk.