Can’t believe someone’s out there dropping PAMPHLETS with CONSPIRACY THEORIES about MIRACLES when they could be reading legitimate news in legitimate good sources

Which of these exciting news you’d read and why?

Meanwhile, the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective is launching a new anthology named Threads: Creatures and it features a total 19 stories, one of which written by me!! And it takes place in the world of O Sarilho too! There’s currently a Kickstarter campaign going on, so if this is the kind of thing that suits you, feel free to drop a coin 🙂

↓ Transcript
6 Panels

Panel 1:
A foggy, rainy morning dawns in Coimbra. Picture houses on a hill, water dripping.

Panel 2:
A sequence of newpapers hanging from wires in front of a newspaper stand. They sport different titles, ranging from O DIÁRIO, SEGUNDA-FEIRA to O LUSITANO. SEGUNDA-FEIRA's cover includes the title "Tensions Grow in New Aveiro", and O LUSITANO reads "President visits underwater ruins of Lisbon".

Manel, holding a copy of SEGUNDA-FEIRA and seemingly unimpressed: Huh. So "nothing" happened last night.

Panel 2:
Maurício, with his head burried so deep in his beanie we can hardly see his eyes. Mayhaps annoyingly: Just be happy that your brother-in-law didn't arrest you too.

Panel 3,4,5:
Manel sees a piece of paper on the floor, under his shoe. It reads "MIRACLE IN FRONT OF THE CATHEDRAL".

Manel: Yeah, bless his heart.