Oh don’t mind me I’m just infodumping stuff about my own characters… Nothing to see here.

Do I wanna go anywhere specific with this information? Maybe not, but I thought it’d be nice to lay down some stuff. If I had to pick a funny fact to share about Eurico it’d definitively be the fact that he somehow joined the PDL before graduating. Guess he really knew where is vocation was?

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↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Eurico addresses the Bishop.

Eurico: My name is Eurico. Fearless, Secundum Praxis.

Panel 2,3:
The Bishop interrupts him with a wave of his hand, much to Eurico's surprise. He doesn't look in the Inspector's direction.

Bishop: This is not your Academia here. Tell me the name God knows you by.

Panel 4:

Eurico: Eurico Ferro Cunha, but-
The Acolyte (off-panel): Born January 10th, 2778, here in Coimbra.

Panel 5, 6:
The Acolyte stands in front of a wall painted golden, extremely decorated. He's sweating.

The Acolyte (cont): Graduated from Law School in our Academia in 2804. Joined Polícia da Defesa Lusitana in 2799. Mother is Maria Etelvina Ferro Cunha. Father unknown.