My headcanon is that Eurico loves jam. He just does.

↓ Transcript
6 Panels

Panel 1:
The morning sun illuminates the kitchen through the window. A hand whose fingers are covered in band-aids, puts a hand-sewn bag on a table. Inside the bag, three jars of jam can be seen.

Panel 2:
Eurico lifts an eyebrow.

Panel 3:
Eurico looks through the long, tall corridor, at the other doors.

Panel 4,5:
He moves to knock on a door, but the door is opened.

Panel 6:
Estanislau is laying on the lower bed of a bunk-bed. His window is open and the morning sun comes in. He's in bed, with his face down, in his student uniform. His cape is on the floor, with a new line of yellow stiches on it. There are some bottles spread around, and the room is a general mess.

Eurico (off panel): Estanis.
Estanislau: 'Rico.